Kate Cohen is a Washington Post contributing columnist and author of We of Little Faith: Why I Stopped Pretending to Believe (And Maybe You Should Too), forthcoming from Godine, The Neppi Modona Diaries: Reading Jewish Survival through My Italian Family, and A Walk Down the Aisle: Notes on a Modern Wedding

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“Ridiculously readable.”— Ali Rizvi, author of The Atheist Muslim

“This book is a miracle and a blessing terrific read! Thank God Kate!” —Alexandra Petri, author of Alexandra Petri’s US History: Important American Documents (I Made Up)

We of Little Faith is a must-read for every American, whether atheist or Zoroastrian or somewhere in between. Cohen’s witty, compassionate take on America’s religious culture is atheism as it should be, as it truly is: fulfilled, happy, and true to one’s self. This is the quotidian atheism your friends and family may be too timid to discuss, but which Cohen illuminates with absorbing eloquence. If you think about religion, you owe it to yourself to read this book.” — Andrew L. Seidel, author of The Founding Myth and American Crusade

“An engaging, enjoyable, and very timely book. As more and more Americans shed their religion, it is essential that the voices and values of atheists are well articulated and better understood. Cohen’s work is a warm, wonderful addition on this front.” — Phil Zuckerman, author of Living the Secular Life

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