The World Turned Rightside Up?

I’m a little late alerting my subscribers to my latest Washington Post column, but, it turns out, still too early for Trump supporters (and most Congressional Republicans) to acknowledge the results of the election. I doubt they will suffer the consequences of that behavior–and I fear the rest of us will. But if you go by, say, the actual votes, we have turned Trump into a one-termer, and that’s something. Read the whole column here.

Read the rest here, at The Washington Post.

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4 thoughts on “The World Turned Rightside Up?

  1. Kate Cohen says:

    For sure–just use your library card! It’s part of your streaming service through UHLS. (I can’t post the whole article because it subverts their paywall) Go here: and search my name or the title of the piece. You probably have to sign into your library first. And YES the boys owe us dinner, since BIDEN WON AND THERE’S NO ACTUAL DOUBT, but who knows when we’ll really be going to a restaurant again? Ugh.


  2. massageforhealth says:

    Hi there! Happy autumn. Are the kids really buying you and Adam dinner, based on the election results? Or do they have to wait until all the lawsuits are settled?!Say, I would love to read your articles in the post. But every time I click on it, it says I have to subscribe. I am feeling a bit oversubscribed these days. Is there another way I can view your wonderful views?Sent from my Verizon, Samsung Galaxy smartphone


  3. Kate Cohen says:

    Hi! No, you’re not missing anything–I’ve mostly been writing for the Post lately and I can’t subvert their paywall by publishing the entire piece–I have to link to them. (I keep meaning to post other things, but they’re taking up most of my writing time these days.) Two things: (1) right now it’s pretty cheap to subscribe to the Post, and they do good work and (2) if you have a library card, you can probably read it online though your library. Sorry for the hassle!


  4. elizabethdeane says:

    Hi Kate Cohen – I’m one of your many Wellesley fans. Always look forward to your columns but I’m not a Washington Post subscriber and I’ve had trouble getting access to them. All your links seem to lead to the Post. I must be missing something. Please advise. Best, Elizabeth Deane



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