7 Things You Don’t Have to Do to Be an Atheist

Courtesy of Bustle.com. And I won’t judge you if you go on to read “7 Weird Signs You’re Not Sleeping Well” or “The 10 Worst Cities for People with Allergies.” As long as you start by clicking on this link . . .

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  1. As usual, Kate, I agree with most of what you say. As far as the “nothing in particulars,” though, I don’t think they necessarily are closet atheists or don’t think about whether or not God exists. I bet a lot of them, like me, just don’t find organized religion satisfying or fulfilling. They feel no need to structure their social lives around a mythological concept and have no desire to mouth prayers, bow their heads, and otherwise practice what they experience as an exercise in hypocrisy and a waste of time.
    Again, I assert my stance that the existence or non existence of God is a non-question because it cannot be proved or disproved. Period. The question is, are we, as humans, capable of carrying out the purported commands of a God that will make us better human beings? Obviously, many of those who trumpet the existence of God and their special relationship with Him/Her the loudest are the worst of the worst scum on the planet. And that goes as much for so-called Christians who want to make laws that discriminate against women, LGBTs, etc as the ISIS maniacs who bomb innocent civilians. Or the ultra-orthodox Israeli Jews who need to antagonize the arabs by building farms out in the boonies.
    if there is any proof that God does not exist it is the counter productive, often violent manner in which they choose to honor him, and the fact that the Dude doesn’t bother to reveal Himself to them in a clearly recognizable form and tell them to chill or better yet, get down to some of his famous smiting and rid the planet of the abomination they represent.

  2. Absolutely correct! Unmitigated bullshit is the whole religion thing. More people have been killed in the name of some god than in all the wars since the beginning .

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