A Good Thing

IMG_20151026_160951Here, in honor of my daughter’s birthday, an essay celebrating abortion. Not strictly traditional, I know, but Ben Carson and the U.S. House of Representatives inspired me.

Lena turns ten today. She is spectacular. And I am very lucky—these days, it seems, very, very lucky—to be able to report that her presence in our lives was totally our decision. Twice.

She is appalled that we even considered not having a third baby—not having her. But I know one day she will value the same freedom of choice. If we still have it.

I wrote and recorded this essay years ago, for the Northeast Public Radio program 51%. Mysteriously, it never got on the air.

You can listen to it here.

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  1. Left a reply on the audio site, but just in case, this was an incredible essay and so well delivered. Too bad it was not aired. We’re glad you gave Lena to the world. Just don’t give her a mobile home no matter how much she cajoles. My mom always said, when she was displeased with her kids,” I’ll give you back to the Indians.” Never believed her, and knew she was glad on balance to have us.
    As parents of an adopted child, we have a lot of ambivalence about abortion, too. We don’t like it, but we know sometimes it’s the right choice. Thank you for having shared this poignant story.

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