Robert Aaron Long and the Equation of Sex and Sin

The man who confessed to murdering eight people in three metro-Atlanta massage parlors denies that the rampage was a hate crime. But we’re not taking his word for it. We’re considering the ethnic identity of the victims, the past year of anti-Asian rhetoric and surge in anti-Asian violence, and the long history of anti-Asian racism… Continue reading Robert Aaron Long and the Equation of Sex and Sin

Praying, But Not to God

I write this on International Pizza Day, so I wish you a Happy IPD, and a tasty pie made just the way you like it. We’re sad not to be celebrating in the usual way, i.e., the one described in How to Start Your Own Holiday. Also, please enjoy this essay I wrote about prayer… Continue reading Praying, But Not to God

Betsy Cole’s Never-Fail Bread Rolls

A Thanksgiving Tradition I’ve never shared Thanksgiving dinner with Betsy Cole, but I like to think we commune every year on that day. She’s always busy cooking for her extended family down in Richmond and I’m always (until this year) busy cooking for my extended family in the Shenandoah Valley. But through the transitive power… Continue reading Betsy Cole’s Never-Fail Bread Rolls

Giving Up Thanksgiving

It took me a while to accept the fact that Thanksgiving 2020 could not be like all the others. The only way to celebrate it right was to give it up for the year. Read my essay here in The Washington Post. Read the rest here at The Washington Post. And/or read my previous Thanksgiving… Continue reading Giving Up Thanksgiving

The World Turned Rightside Up?

I’m a little late alerting my subscribers to my latest Washington Post column, but, it turns out, still too early for Trump supporters (and most Congressional Republicans) to acknowledge the results of the election. I doubt they will suffer the consequences of that behavior–and I fear the rest of us will. But if you go… Continue reading The World Turned Rightside Up?

Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Pandemic of 2020

I’m ready to start forgetting. Stuck in the middle of a historical event, I long to be on the other side looking back. Like Natasha and Pierre. You can read the whole thing here in The Washington Post (if you don’t have a subscription, check your library for access). Continue reading here.

Stock Up? Make Do? Or Splurge?

Confusion in My Quarantine Kitchen People are suffering out there. In here, life is truly . . . pleasant. This piece is about struggling with that contrast. You can read the whole thing here. (If you don’t have a Washington Post subscription but you do have a library card, chances are you can access the… Continue reading Stock Up? Make Do? Or Splurge?