A Walk Down the Aisle

A Walk Down the Aisle: Notes on a Modern Wedding is an exploration of the American wedding ritual told from the perspective of a bride who has no practical need for the ceremony. She and her fiancé have been living together for years; their finances are intermingled; their parents approve. At the turn of the 21st century in America, what’s to be gained from a wedding? And why do senseless traditions–some ancient, some fake-ancient–exert their pull even on those who consider themselves to be, if not counter-cultural, then at least culture-questioning? 

Walk Down the Aisle cover“If you are planning or have ever planned to be a bride, this book will make you think and then it will make you cry.”-Boston Globe

“A thought-provoking study that challenges tradition even as it acknowledges its power and worth.”–Booklist

“A poignant memoir of a modern, educated, cohabitating couple’s decision to marry.”–Library Journal

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