1. Especially enjoyed “Car Ride with Lena”. I will leave the philosophy to others, but the car ride alone with your child is a valuable experience not to be missed. My sister-in-law thought it was the worst experience possible and I was aghast. That one-on-one time when you are both caught in the same box is elucidating to say the least. For me these memorable experiences started in middle school and continued through the junior year of college. I will never forget them.

  2. Kate, I love the way this turned out. So cool! And I’m not sure if you get wind of every place that picks it up, so wanted to let you know that I first saw it on my Facebook feed from the American Humanist Association. So far it has 677 likes there, 116 shares, and 51 mostly intelligent comments. Well done, you! xo Caitlin

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