The Meeting

We parked next to a lone car in the lot, and, once inside, wound our way through the seemingly empty church to find the door to the basement. I hung close to my friend, my guide to the world of Alcoholics Anonymous. I wanted to know what AA was like, what his new life was… Continue reading The Meeting

Human Power vs. a Higher Power

Principal Nadia Lopez of Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brooklyn is the better person we all wish we were. She spends her days not just running a school in a high-poverty area but also personally attempting to empower every “scholar” in her school. This is what she says about the school color being purple, the… Continue reading Human Power vs. a Higher Power

A Christmas “Miracle”

With thanks to The Friendly Atheist, which published this essay here.   I found one! I found one! I found an atheist mom on TV! Yes, I am one of those minority types hungry for representation in mainstream entertainment, watching avidly to see how, say, Dr. House does or doesn’t ring true as an atheist. And… Continue reading A Christmas “Miracle”