Betsy Cole’s Never-Fail Bread Rolls

A Thanksgiving Tradition I’ve never shared Thanksgiving dinner with Betsy Cole, but I like to think we commune every year on that day. She’s always busy cooking for her extended family down in Richmond and I’m always (until this year) busy cooking for my extended family in the Shenandoah Valley. But through the transitive power… Continue reading Betsy Cole’s Never-Fail Bread Rolls

Stock Up? Make Do? Or Splurge?

Confusion in My Quarantine Kitchen People are suffering out there. In here, life is truly . . . pleasant. This piece is about struggling with that contrast. You can read the whole thing here. (If you don’t have a Washington Post subscription but you do have a library card, chances are you can access the… Continue reading Stock Up? Make Do? Or Splurge?

Put Some Butter On It

Three things before I offer you this little essay from my files. One, it’s old. It features Noah, now 15, as a toddler. Two,  the culinary climate it describes has shifted slightly since I wrote it. Fat has gotten almost trendy: upscale restaurants are now serving pork belly and chicharrones (in tiny, delicately garnished portions, but still). And… Continue reading Put Some Butter On It

Sourdough Resolution

Lena, having a snack at the counter after school, asked me what my favorite possession was. I mentally sifted through my stuff. I don’t really think of myself as a “thing” person. I rely on my computer. My noise-cancelling headphones are like a parachute: although I hardly ever use them, they offer me the reassurance… Continue reading Sourdough Resolution

Canning Notes for Next Year

Every year for at least ten (to judge by the date on one dusty jar that I can’t bring myself either to open or to throw away), I make and can salsa and sauce with tomatoes from our garden. Every year, I have to remember how all over again. Same goes for buying school supplies and baking birthday… Continue reading Canning Notes for Next Year

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Process This

The season of scratch-foodie bliss has begun! This morning Adam planted more tomatoes, more cucumbers, and some lacinato kale. Tomorrow morning, after I start some focaccia dough, I’m going to take my daughter to a local farm to pick strawberries. Or maybe we’ll go to a farmer’s market, where someone’s beautiful display of homegrown strawberries… Continue reading Process This