In Praise of Hypocrisy

Do you fail to live according to your beliefs? You might not be a bad person. Read why in my most recent piece in The Washington Post. 

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Still a Good Thing

A few years ago, in honor of my daughter’s tenth birthday, I posted an essay I recorded years earlier about what a good thing it is to be able to choose whether or not to have a child. I wish it were completely out of date instead of desperately relevant.

Dear Mr. Miranda: A Thank-You Note

Dear Mr. Miranda, The morning after the election I made my husband get up with the kids. I couldn’t face them. They were not innocents: they knew about North Carolina’s bathroom law and the dangers of driving while black. But they are children of the Obama era: they’ve grown up believing that the forces of… Continue reading Dear Mr. Miranda: A Thank-You Note

Donald Trump’s Elusive Frenemy

On a call home from The Mountain School—a semester program for high school juniors—my son Noah complained about a committee he had joined to decide how the student body should talk about the coming election. The conclusion: delicately. “It was ridiculous,” he said. “I’m sorry but it was just so politically correct.” The “I’m sorry” was… Continue reading Donald Trump’s Elusive Frenemy