Letter from Santa

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Lena wanted me to send this photo to Santa to let him know that she received his letter and was honored to fulfill his request. Also, she would be happy to help him again in the future.

Below you will find Santa′s letter, which Lena discovered on a box in her room when we returned from a couple of days away. Clearly, access to a computer has unleashed Santa′s natural verbosity. 

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Christmas Day 2013
42.6525° N, 73.7572° W

Dear Lena,

I know that, due to your rather strange upbringing, you do not believe in me. I’m not offended or anything—I mean, it’s not your fault—but it does create a small problem regarding gift delivery: Since I do not exist, I can’t very well go around distributing toys to you and your brothers, can I?

Fortunately, you can. In fact, you seem like the perfect person for the job. No one at your house loves to give presents as much as you. Drawings, paintings, bracelets, baked goods. Even a rhyming dictionary! (I know because I see you when you’re sleeping, I know when you’re awake. Etc.) You give and you give and you don’t seem to expect any return. We have a lot in common.

Could you please get these presents to your brothers? You don’t have to go down any chimneys, but it would be nice if you’d wear this hat and boots to make it official. The jump rope’s for you, too. I find that for a hard physical job like gift delivering, it helps to stay in shape. (I know what you are thinking, but as far as you know, my belly doesn’t exist either, does it?)

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