Making Us Behave

On laws that treat us like kids . . . for our own good. By me, in The Washington Post. Click here to read the whole thing.

Note: My father pointed out to me that I mention two house rules in the piece (as you’ll see), but named only one, apparently violating one of his rules. So I’ll tell you. The other house rule does not involve flossing or hand-washing, and I’ve always found telling the truth to be overrated. The other rule is about thank-you notes. You can read more about those here.

(graphic by Michelle Kondrich)

Read the rest here.

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  1. Keep practicing, Kate!
    Yes, people don’t like change or inconvenience and not liking change is the hallmark of conservatism. Conservatives, also, don’t like to be told to do anything that’s good for them and they extend that to not doing anything that’s good for others. One of my friends who constantly railed against the “Nanny” state and “entitlements” bitched to me one day that due to being well off he had to pay higher Medicare premiums than the less fortunate. Huh? I asked him, since he is against “entitlements”, why does he take Social Security and Medicare anyhow? Oh, of course that was different. Then he started his usual rant about the poor are lazy and want something for nothing like healthcare and that Medicaid gave good treatment. So I suggested he get his treatment down at Whitney Young Clinic (for non Albanians, that is the public health clinic in Albany.) Boy did that shut down the discussion.

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