We of Little Faith” Shortlisted for the Eric Hoffer Grand Prize

5/1/24 — “We of Little Faith” was named a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Grand Prize. The Eric Hoffer Book Award honors books by small, independent, and academic presses.

Kate Addresses the Congressional Reason Reception

5/1/24 — At the inaugural Congressional Reason Reception, hosted by the American Humanist Association, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, and the Secular Coalition for America, Kate delivered a keynote address about church/state separation and was honored to award the Congressional Freethought Caucus “Uncommon Nonsense” award to Congressman Mike Johnson (in absentia).

Kate Speaks to the American Atheists Convention

3/30/24 — “America Needs Atheists Now More than Ever!” was the title of Kate’s speech, delivered at the American Atheists 2024 Convention in Philadelphia. She blamed the exclamation point on Congressman Mike Johnson.

Storytime! With Jennifer Bird

4/18/24 — Just in time for Passover, Kate joins Story Time! With biblical scholar Jennifer Bird to talk about about Exodus, the Bible stories as stories, God as a human invention, J. Lo’s name change, and more. Laughter ensues.

Cover Story in Free Inquiry Magazine

2/1/24 — “Take Me to Church,” an excerpt from “We of Little Faith,” is the cover story of the February/March issue of Free Inquiry Magazine. In it, Kate discusses her love of churches, why people need inspiring and comforting places outside their homes, and where atheists can get them.

Kate Discusses Honesty with Paul Fidalgo

1/31/24 – Kate joins “Free Inquiry” editor Paul Fidalgo on the “Point of Inquiry” podcast to discuss atheism and the rewards of honesty (among other tasty topics).

Kate Joins Marion Roach Smith on QWERTY

1/12/23 – Author, writing coach, memoir expert, and writers’ advocate Marion Roach Smith asks Kate about how she decides on a topic, where an author’s authority comes from, and more. Listen here on Spotify or click here for the transcript and links.

“We of Little Faith” a RNS 2023 Top Read

12/22/23 – Religion News Service puts “We of Little Faith” on its list of top religion and spirituality books for 2023. Why? “Being truthful about what you believe (and what you don’t), Cohen suggests, can be key to connecting with others and living a meaningful life.”

Kate Joins Alan Alda on “Clear + Vivid”

12/12/23 — Kate talks with Alan Alda about her book, why she thinks it’s important to be honest about what you believe, how she talked to her children about death, the origin of International Pizza Day, and, of course, the 7 Questions. Listen on Spotify or Apple.

In Conversation . . . with Frank Schaeffer

12/12/23 – Kate joins Frank Schaeffer for a wide-ranging conversation about “We of Little Faith,” raising kids, new atheism, newer atheism, and more. The official episode drops in February, but you can watch it now on Facebook or YouTube.

HumanistsMN Welcomes Kate

10/21/23 – Kate speaks at a Community Gathering of HumanistsMN in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Suzanne Perry reports on the event here. You can watch her speech—”Are You an Atheist? Then America Needs You to Say So”—here (from about minute 13).

“Freethought Heroine” Award at the FFRF Convention

10/13/23 – Kate receives the 2023 Freethought Heroine award at the Freedom From Religion Foundation Convention in Madison, Wisconsin. They sold out of “We of Little Faith.” You can watch her acceptance speech—”The Tiny, Titanic Act of Telling the Truth”—here.

Interview on Humanize Me

10/11/23 – Kate talks with Bart Campolo of “Humanize Me” about the book and life and raising kids and being honest. You can listen here.

Starred Review in Library Journal

10/10/23 – “Cohen makes an entertaining, searching argument that atheists should actively engage societal assumptions.” Read the whole review here.

Interview on The Thinking Atheist

10/10/23 – Interview with Seth Andrews at The Thinking Atheist. Video or audio format—you choose!

Altamont Enterprise Article and Podcast

10/6/23 – An in-depth conversation with Melissa Hale-Spencer of The Altamont Enterprise. Find the related article here.

Review at

10/3/23 – David Reinbold writes, “We of Little Faith is an exquisite work that cements itself into your thoughts. It gives you access to your own experiences in which you might have been confronted with a situation colored by religion, and I would recommend it to anybody who values logic and honesty. It’s an inspiring book that will—hopefully—push us toward a larger cultural conversation in which ‘atheism’ isn’t seen as a dirty word.” And more!

Story in Religion News Service

10/3/23 – Interview by Bob Smietana, for Religion News Service.

Interview on WAMC’s The Roundtable

10/3/23 – Kate chats with WAMC’s Joe Donahue about her inspiration for the book, whether atheists and religious people can get along, and what “faith” means to her. Click the image or this link to listen.

Interview on The Friendly Atheist

09/26/2023 – Hemant Mehta welcomes Kate to his Friendly Atheist community in an hour-long live interview to discuss her new book and her perspective on atheism and political action.

Interview on the WORT’s Her Turn

09/24/2023 – Kate chats with Arlene Zaucha on the WORTfm (Madison, Wisc.) show “Her Turn” (“We keep you abreast of women’s news & put the broads back in broadcasting!”) about her new book, women in the atheist movement, and more.

Conversation with SHJ’s Paul Golin

06/14/2023 – Paul and Kate converse about her new book and issues around religious privilege in America, a joint event by the Jews for a Secular Democracy and the Society for Humanistic Judaism. More Info >