Taking someone else’s writing and making it better? More or less my favorite thing. I have edited books of history, self-help, memoir, criticism, and fiction; I have edited articles, websites, and even catalogues. I can help with structure, tone, argument, sentences and syntax–and provide as heavy or light an edit as my client wishes. I bill by the hour, and offer an estimate in advance.

Editors usually specialize, fixing structure, or rewriting, or finding reasoning 
gaps, or fixing grammar and style. Kate is the only editor I know who does it 
all extremely well. She improves the writing she touches in every way possible. 
She’s a writer’s dream, and I recommend her to anyone in search of a top-shelf 
                    --Dennis Gaffney, author and journalist, dennisgaffney.com

I was stuck. I couldn't create a satisfactory order, and I couldn't throw anything 
out. Kate came to the rescue, and more quickly than I could have thought possible, 
she edited the copy, helped me rearrange the ideas, throw out the junk, and 
transform my word-piles into a book. She is truly a master of the editing arts.                   

                      --Larry Stallman, PhD, psychologist and author

From the big picture to the smallest detail, Kate does it all.  One of the finest 
editors with whom I’ve had an opportunity to work. 

                     –-Bernard Conners, Chairman, British American Publishing

Contact me at katecohen@aol.com if you are interested in hiring me as an editor. Or fill out the form below.

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