Still a Good Thing

A few years ago, in honor of my daughter’s tenth birthday, I posted an essay I recorded years earlier about what a good thing it is to be able to choose whether or not to have a child. I wish it were completely out of date instead of desperately relevant.


  1. Hi, KateThanks for sharing your essay. Would you like to share it in the Cap Region Humanist Society FB group? Or allow me to post it with full attribution.We have a heated discussion unexpectedly going on with an older white man having written a column (with which I adamantly disagree!), and several men and women commenting…  So how about posting yours? (wish there were a written version…) Thanks.Olga

    1. Thanks, Olga! I wish there were a printed version too, but I’m resisting copying it out! I’ll post on FB now and you are more than welcome to share.

  2. Why, Kate, Cohen, you’re a socialist! You believe that society, as a whole, should contribute to the good of the many! Communal philanthropy for the arts! Communal philanthropy for health care! Why is it, do you think, that people are willing to pay communal philanthropy, which is how I regard taxes (my largest amount of tzeddakkah), for paving the road in front of their houses? Can’t they do that by themselves? Maybe our tax forms should have a list of various programs, and we should merely check off the ones that we, individually, would pay for. If so, I would decide not to support programs in other states, which NYS subsidizes by the amount of taxes we pay to the federal government and do not get an equitable amount in return. Those states keep their taxes lower, and the East and West Coasts pay instead. I definitely would not pay for Ben Carson’s and Betsy DeVoss’s salaries.

    Congrats on another article in the Washington Post!


  3. Thank for sending this Kate! Well said! Altho I don’t necessarily agree with you on other topics, I appreciate hearing from you. Good to have seen you all recently! Bev. Silver

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