The Meeting

We parked next to a lone car in the lot, and, once inside, wound our way through the seemingly empty church to find the door to the basement. I hung close to my friend, my guide to the world of Alcoholics Anonymous. I wanted to know what AA was like, what his new life was… Continue reading The Meeting

Human Power vs. a Higher Power

Principal Nadia Lopez of Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brooklyn is the better person we all wish we were. She spends her days not just running a school in a high-poverty area but also personally attempting to empower every “scholar” in her school. This is what she says about the school color being purple, the… Continue reading Human Power vs. a Higher Power

A Christmas “Miracle”

With thanks to The Friendly Atheist, which published this essay here.   I found one! I found one! I found an atheist mom on TV! Yes, I am one of those minority types hungry for representation in mainstream entertainment, watching avidly to see how, say, Dr. House does or doesn’t ring true as an atheist. And… Continue reading A Christmas “Miracle”

What God Can Learn from Santa, or How to Lose Belief But Keep the Gifts

Click below for the recorded version of my first PechaKucha night, at the Opalka Gallery, Albany, New York. PechaKucha is a presentation format with strict parameters: 20 slides, 20 seconds of narration for each. So if I seem to be speaking extra slowly or suspiciously quickly at certain points, that’s why. Thank you, Jesse, for the musical assist. And… Continue reading What God Can Learn from Santa, or How to Lose Belief But Keep the Gifts