The Anxious Heart of Our National Anthem

I’m happy to report that today’s post comes via The Post. It’s a meditation on a little song we sing all the time but don’t think much about. Click on the image to read the piece . . .

Washington Post

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  1. My initial attitude and subsequent reaction to the orientation movie would have been the same as yours. We are all conditioned to respond with patriotism, irrational as it may be, from the time we can think. It’s ingrained in us the way religion is. And if people who are able to have skepticism get sucked into “my country right or wrong,” there is no hope for the unreflecting masses to exercise rational thought in the matter. We are constantly manipulated by such propaganda, and are often not even aware of it. The fact that our national anthem is all about war and how God is supposedly always on our side in our always “just” cause is a testimony to much that is wrong with our nation, despite there being so much good about it. I’m glad I live in America, but we could use a little less patriotism and a lot more objectivity about who we really are and where we need improvement.

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