What Do You Do When Honesty and Comfort Collide?

A Mother’s Day reflection. With thanks to Erin Keane at Salon. Click below to read.

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  1. Hillary got lambasted by the press for answering the question, “do you always tell the truth?” with “I try to.” In fact, the best answer is “Anyone who says they never lie is a liar. I never lie about important things and i’ll never lie to the American public.”
    Not that she doesn’t.
    But little white lies are necessary for greasing the wheels of relationships. Such as telling your classmates at your 50th reunion that they look great. We do it all the time. Unless we are on the spectrum.
    Also, some information may be excessive on certain subjects at certain ages, and an age appropriate response may be to provide an honest but incomplete answer.
    That being said, Kate, if telling the truth always is the reason why your kids are absolutely the most fabulous kids I’ve ever met, I’d suggest you continue the practice. If not, kudos to their father.
    And by the way, no, those jeans don’t make your butt look big.

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