Who Knew? The Strangers WERE the Treat

I miss people I don’t know. A Halloween meditation at The Washington Post.

I have no idea who that nice lady is.

Read the rest, if you please, here at The Washington Post.

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  1. Yes, I miss razor blades in candy as well. You’re smart to stay away from movie theaters. Some moronic friends in Saratoga are salivating for the chance to sit indoors for 2 hours and inhale Covid. I warned them…..

    If you have not read the last couple of Alexandra Petri articles in the Post, I think you may enjoy them. Always look forward to your blog and hope you are enjoying and forwarding mine. I got almost 100 readers for “Azoy ah President.’ The current one is up over 50 with over 100 views and climbing. The next one will be about Sandy and is very funny. Stay well. N


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